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Real-World Sounds

Sounds are all around us. Real-world sounds are those sounds that we often don’t think to pay attention to – for example, the sounds of birds in a forest, or the whistle of the wind. They can tell us a lot about what is happening and provide us with a lot of new and interesting sounds that we can work with in the studio.

In this project you will:

  • Be introduced to real-world sounds, the soundscape and the notion of listening to sounds actively.
  • Begin to think about sounds on their own, and to categorise them based on their sonic characteristics or common source.
  • Develop your listening skills and begin to explore the ways in which you can transform and control sound.
  • By the end of this project, you will have begun to explore the diversity of the sounds around us and will be able to use splice, filter and montage in order to arrange sounds in the creation of a sonic postcard.