These works were made by students, class groups and composers in the six participating countries of the EU Culture programme “Composing with Sounds” project (2011-2013): France, Germany, Greece, Norway, Portugal and the United Kingdom.


Leshaun Blake-Rodrigues: Beautiful Things… (2:02)


Duncan Chapman: …but the kitchen sink (5:03)


Year 8 of The Lancaster School in Leicester: Aether (2:51)


Joseph Deeping: Paradox (2:47)


Andrew Hill: Abstracted Journeys (4:59)



Hedda Martine Hall Westby & Efua-Maria Raknerud Aikins: Alt (er) mulig (2:41)


Anders Tveit: Thick Wires (8:29)


Students from Kringler-Slattum School, 6th grade: Vinterlyd (5:59)


Gyrid Nordal Kaldestad: Sketches of Faust (6:34)



Cooperativa de Ensino A Torre 4ºA: O Sonho (2:39)


Agrupamento de Escolas Elias Garcia da Sobreda da Caparica 5ºB: Crepúsculo (1:17)


Cooperativa de Ensino A Torre 4ºB & Escola de Música do Conservatório Nacional 5ºB: Salpicar (4:19)


Jasmim Mandillo: Palavras Trocadas (Switched Words) (1:24)


Miguel Azguime: Notes on Books (8:41)


Simao Costa: DeCerto SerraMu (15:27)



Eirini Panteliou: Dawn (4:37)


Giorgos Pantelios: Improvised Study (3:41)


Kostas Chrysikopoulos: Sound Play (2:15)


Katerina Tzedaki: Passing Through (2:57)


Andreas Mniestris: Free Associations: The ”Jungle” (3:43)



Florian Sulpice: C’est Wiizzz!!! (3:42)


Roger Cochini: Retour aux Sources (5:28)


Students of the Lycée Dorian, Paris: Première année de lycée (4:06)


Students of the Lycée Brassens, Bourges: Concretement feminine (4:30)


Nathan Schwarz: Un dialogue interieur (3:22)


Éric Broitmann: Nocturne (7:30)



Christoph Ogiermann: ПИКНИК am Wegrand: some arts by remembrance (1a abgerichtete Würfe) and by limits of programs (8:57)


Lukas Hoge Julius Jakob & Mats Lukas Böhling: Das Dilemma  (11:27)

Bela Wiener: Final Emancipation (4:18)


Maike Wolff: Fat Cat (5:16)


Luís Antunes Pena: Hi-Fi Noise Study – Pecking Chickens (5:28)


Pablo Quass: MASCHINENhallen (5:25)


Evelyn Ruf: Wasser Fragezeichen (6:44)


Leon Scholl: Kombination sub- und objektiver Impressionen Karlsruher Sehenswürdigkeiten (6:30)


Luca Hladek: Submarine in Space (6:11)


Hans-Jochen Stiefel: annäwäch (In spite of everything) (4’13)