Journey Composition

Journey Composition

Compose a piece of music that will take the listener on a journey.

This does not need to be a ‘concrete’ journey, e.g. travelling from place A to B while describing specific events on the way, but could be more abstract (for example, an emotional journey taking people from feeling happy to feeling sad).

Think about the following:


  • Do different musical structures suggest different kinds of journey?
  • How can these journeys be varied?
  • What other aspects of a ‘journey’ are suggested – setting off, arriving home, etc?


Hints and Tips

Keep a ‘journey log’ in which you can note down your ideas for composition structure, the sounds, sound sources and manipulations that you might use, and the impression that you want to make on the listener.

Perhaps you might find it useful to develop a graphic score or ‘sound storyboard’, which will guide your composition.


Sound Card Pack

Click the following image to download the pack of ‘External’ (outdoor) sound cards and load them into the Compose with Sounds software.

Click Here to Download the External Sound Pack


Perform and discuss your compositions with teachers and peers as you progress, and upload the work to your profile at the end.

Listening Example

If you’re still seeking inspiration, then why not listen to a composition the explores this idea of a journey?: Abstracted Journeys (by Andrew Hill)