Sonic Postcard

Sonic Postcard

Imagine the sounds of an ideal holiday location and bring it to life using the Compose with Sounds software.

Imagine a Holiday Soundscape

Pick one of the postcards above and imagine the holiday destination, with all the sounds that you would hear.

  • Perhaps it is busy and full of people, or quiet and full of nature sounds?
  • What time of year is it?
  • What are the key sounds that you would hear?
  • Are there any sounds which might be drifting in from the distance?
  • What is going on?

If you’re having trouble imagining what the sounds might be like, why not go back and pick one of the other postcards?


Once you have a fairly good idea, use the Compose with Sounds software to re-create the soundscape of your chosen holiday destination.


See below for more information:

Why not imagine your own fantasy destination? Combine all of your favourite sounds into a new and imagineary holiday destination.

  • You could draw your own postcard, and then try to create the soundscape for the desination.
  • OR create the soundscape and then try to draw it.

Listening Example

If you’re still seeking inspiration then why not listen to a soundscape composition: Presque rien [Almost Nothing] No.1 (by Luc Ferrari)


The “Sonic Postcards” project was originally an initiative run by Sonic Arts Network. More information can be found here.