This is the homepage of a software program for young composers (and composers of all ages) who want to learn how to compose with sounds, and not focus on the traditional way of making music with notes. This type of composition is common in movies, TV and games – wherever digital sound is heard. It is also a common form with areas of experimental music. Compose with Sounds is available for free. It runs on Mac OSX 10.9 (or higher) and Windows 10. In addition to the tools needed to make music, the software offers functions for making tutorial structures, which many teachers will find useful. In addition, the pages contain relevant help texts and a variety of video examples, providing a great learning tool. Composers and educators who wish to delve deeper into the field of music technology can follow links to the pedagogical website for electroacoustic resources known as EARS 2, which, like a dynamic eLearning site, offers texts along with a wide variety of hypermedia examples related to all topics. All compositional activities in EARS 2 use Compose with Sounds. To download the “Composing with Sounds” mixing software for free, click the button below. 

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