Dirty Sounds

Create a piece from dirty and unwanted sounds.

Finding Beauty in the Bad

Sounds can be really beautiful. But sometimes, it’s good to play with dirty and noisy sounds. These can be beautiful too … even though they try so hard to be bad.

Create a piece that makes use of unwanted and glitchy sounds. These are often short, sharp and percussive, so they can be used to make really interesting rhythmic patterns and textures. Remember though, broken glitchy things don’t work properly, so if you create any rhythms, make sure that they are not functioning properly (leave beats out, or create complex phasing and overlapping patterns). Keep true to the glitch aesthetic as much as you can.

Sound Card Pack

Use this Glitch and Noise Sound Card Pack to give you an array of ‘ready to go’ noisy sounds. Or take other sounds and manipulate them into oblivion. Click the image below:

Possible Tools

Try to make use of the following:

Possible Techniques and Approaches

Experiment with combining and layering many different sounds.

Don’t forget to leave silences within your work and try to work with contrasts (silence/sounds, noise/pitch, etc.)

You may find it useful to sketch out and plan your piece before you begin. OR you may wish to experiment and see what evolves through your exploration