Postcards from the Summer (by Rob Mackay)

About the Piece

The piece is inspired by the various soundscapes of the different places I visited in Europe during that summer. From a farm in North Wales and the sounds of Bangor, to the cities of London, Bratislava, Prague, and Munich. 

In presenting these soundscapes, I have not consciously tried to conjure up the national flavour of the countries I visited (although some sounds inevitably do), but instead the piece represents snippets of my own personal experiences of these places. The aural images are not necessarily in chronological order, but instead weave a tapestry of different sonic landscapes. 

Within this piece I have tried to continue my interest in transforming one recognisable sound to another, and using this technique to ‘travel’ from one place to another.

About The Composer

Rob Mackay is a composer, sound artist and performer. He is currently a Senior Lecturer in Music at the University of Hull.

He is interested in composing works that relate to geology, soundscape ecology, theatre, audiovisual installation work, and human-computer interaction.

He created a Jurassic soundscape for Scarborough’s Rotunda museum which is currently installed.

More information can be found on his website.