Concret PH (by Iannis Xenakis)

About the Piece

This delicate piece is full of light crackling sounds and was made from recordings of Charcoal, crackling and fizzing away.

It was composed to sparkle and glitter around the audience, to envelop them and to clear their mind.

Listening Tip

Try to listen to this in a quiet place so that you are able to hear all of the depth and detail in these sounds.

About the Composer

Iannis Xenakis was a Greek composer and architect, who used maths to create new musical forms and textures. His works are generally considered to be some of the most adventurous and innovative pieces created since 1950. He only composed a few electronic works, with most of his works being composed for traditional instruments, but all of his musical output can be described as sounds based music (and not that of notes). He also used computers to help him compose, running mathematical programmes to provide him with ideas for musical materials and shapes.

Composition Tip

Iannis Xenakis often plays with density in his pieces. Creating clouds of sounds which change from dense to sparse as they swirl around the listener.

Listen out for the changes in density within this piece, and think about trying to include similar ideas in your own works.