Beautiful Things… (by Leshaun Blake-Rodrigues)

Beautiful Things…

About the Piece

“In this piece I started off by having a calm beginning that gets broken by bells and then it turns into loads of duplicated sounds. The end is the beginning backwards to show that everything is mended in the end.”

This piece was created in a short series of sessions using Compose with Sounds software. Starting with a process of auditioning all the sounds in the “Kitchen” collection Leshaun selected mostly ones with significant pitch content. The resulting piece makes much use of duplication as well as transformations by transposition to create a piece which has a kind of asymmetrical rhythmic character. Towards the end Leshaun and Duncan Chapman also thought about how it might make a great soundtrack to an animation sequence or even a dance performance.

About the Composer

Leshaun Blake-Rodrigues is 15 and has recently moved from London to Nottingham where she is a student at Trinity School. She is currently studying for GCSE’s as well as being an enthusiastic violinist playing in several ensembles. Beautiful Things… is her first piece created using collected sounds and made using the CWS software.