Abstracted Journeys (by Andrew Hill)

An anecdotal piece made from sound recordings of cities and parks. It was composed using Compose With Sounds.

Abstracted Journeys

About the Piece

A semi-narrative journey through different types of soundworld, highlighting the beauty in everyday objects.

This work was composed with the Compose with Sounds software, using the ‘External Sound Pack’. These sounds were captured in outside locations in and around the cities of Leicester and Liverpool. The sounds are of both city and countryside environments.

The work seeks to playfully explore the sonic textures present within audio recordings, transporting the listener on a surrealistic journey in sound.

About the Composer

Andrew Hill (1986) is a composer of electroacoustic music from the UK. He composes both audio-visual and acousmatic works, seeking to explore the beauty in everyday objects. He joined the Music, Technology and Innovation Research Centre in 2007 and has since completed his MA and PhD.

He is one of the team that develops content for the EARS 2 (ElectroAcoustic Resource Site) website.