Creating Sound Masses

Creating Sound Masses

Compose Your Own Work

Use the techniques you have learned to compose a piece from masses of sound.

You might choose to create a mighty block of sound or a more fluid cloud of sound.


Use the knowledge you learnt from Microsound & Granular Synthesis to create sound materials.

Apply ideas of density, (dis)order and energy and flow to mould these materials into a dynamic and evolving piece.


You may want to listen to works by Iannis Xenakis or Curtis Roads for inspiration.

Composition Tip

Blocks of Sound

If you are composing blocks of sound, you may also find it useful to visit the page on Phase and Complex Soundwave Interactions.

Clouds of Sound

You may find it useful to think of flocking animals. Try to imagine birds flying in groups through the sky and how they flock together.

Or how shoals of fish swarm when swimming together in the sea.